Cześć! We love poles here!
Well... actually, we like everybody - you aren't special that way ;-) Welcome!
I have my original linux cds. I don't recall e.g. Byte magazin to ever have CD's.


@gemlog @FredBednarski Meh, my first Linux was installed from 3½" floppies 😃

I had to do that too - no bios could boot a cd. The cd's from 1994 were used to make boot floppies, yes.


@gemlog @FredBednarski Oh right. I never asked where my friend got the floppies from. We were both PhD students , and I remember spending an evening in the lab after work installing it on my home PC that is just bought.

Well, Mr. Smarty Pants here thought that because he lived in the shell and text editors on the amiga and used lots of BSD ported utils that he would breeze through linux.
Bzzzt! Wrong!
I think it took me a couple of weeks of evenings after work to get an X11 desktop. I became a humbler, wiser gemlog.

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