The third consecutive zero in the official figures for deaths masks the fact that new cases are going up. 56 today - the highest for some time. They are dotted all over, and that makes me think that the theory that they are caused by people coming back from holidays is quite likely correct. The good thing about that is that local clusters are not appearing, which suggests test-trace-isolate is working in Cymru.
Total deaths: 1595
7-day Average: 0.43 (3 in the past week)

@AngharadHafod thanks for doing this. it's very helpful to see the data like this.

The problem is, that we never ever will have zero cases of Covid-19 in reality any more. The virus won't go back to bats or whatever.
Regarding this, we will have some certified infections with Sars-2 until we stop testing.
Of course, some people will die in future, with or by Sars-2, Influenza, HSV, Epstein-Barr-Virus...

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