I am afraid the 7-day cases average, despite the past week's erratic data, is starting to show a fairly clear trend in the wrong direction. Follow the green line .
So, despite politicians crowing how successful it was, I fear it's not got us where we need to be.
1020 today brings the 7-day average to 939, UP 32.
Friday usually sees the highest figure of the week, but the data over the last few days have been suspect (to me, at least).


sees 10 cases today (7-day average 9.9); it's not coming down. It's very disappointing to see 3 local authorities back in triple figures (Swansea, Cardiff, RhCT).

Deaths show a very small, but at this stage unexpected, rise in the 7-day average, up 0.28 to 23.86, with 31 new reported today.

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