Today's figures are further confirmation of what I suggested in my article for yesterday; the lockdown bought us some time, but not as much as we would have liked.
With 1016 deaths, the 7-day average rises another 12 to 951.

The only good piece of news I can see in today's figures is a fall of the 7-day average in Ceredigion, to 9.0, with just 4 cases today.

The PHW site claims 2365 total deaths, and 28 today. My spreadsheet says 2365 means 27 today, and for the sake of keeping the totals right, I am going with that.
This too means a rise in the 7-day average (of 1.0), and I am getting concerned that deaths have already troughed. We're 18 days since schools returned (which in hindsight was the cause of the subsequent rise in cases), so this is just about possible, though still a few days early I think.

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For those following the local authority data, here's the table from PHW today.

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