Fantastic new tune from Welsh Folk band from Port Talbot / Alaw newydd yn wych o band Gwerin Cymraeg o Port Talbot

Welsh independence is here to stay. More and more people are happy to support independence now than have for many generations. The change in attitude is breathtaking. 😀

The best thing is this; it is ordinary people who are leading the way. 🙌

Disabled mum left in tears after DWP wrongly stopped all her benefits - Mirror Online

So I'm sure you're all familiar with the UN projection of the Earth that puts the Arctic at the center and shows all the land, but let me present to you the inverse of that, the Spilhaus projection, which centers the map on Antarctica and shows the world's ocean as the single, continuous mass of water that it is.

@Ailgylchu_Gymru eat the skin. It's nutritious.
btw I won't read your web site because there's no easy opt out for cookies, and it's not obvious if these are tracking cookies or just essential (session etc) ones.
Yeah there are more and more web sites I won't read these days. I'm far from alone.

@omgubuntu I'll believe it when they release MS Office for Linux.

reminder the case for left wing Brexit is completely unfounded in reality without also the abolition of capitalism

Brexit Blood Sacrifice
Dearly Beloved Sheeple

As your bellwether, I see it as my duty to keep up with and communicate to you all the latest TV and streaming entertainments. This is to deflect attention from your imminent appointment with the abattoir. Oops!


In episode 8, Season 1 of Westworld, a truly magnificent bingeworthy TV series currently streaming on Amazon, Delos Corporation VP Charlotte Hale says to T

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