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All 🇪🇺 countries and 2 participating states in the #EUCivPro Mechanism have offered support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Countries keep delivering help via #rescEU and the established hubs in neighbouring countries.

This is #EUSolidarity in action.


Sounds like we are being set up for yet another financial crash! 😡

“A focus on the growth and ‘competitiveness’ of the finance sector is what led us down the path to the 2008 financial crisis, and will mean regulators prioritising banks’ profits over the public’s access to financial services, as well as the wider health of the economy.”

Dim yn edrych mor dda nag oedd e wythnos nôl.
Not looking as good as it was a week ago.

The latest from Tim Spector (of the Zoe app) on Omicron. Cases flattening out; possibly rising now.

My qualification for answering this is my statistical background, and the fact that I've programmed an implementation of the d'Hondt method for an application I was working on, so I understand the maths behind it very well.

I was also a candidate on the Mid & West Wales list for in 2021, so I have experience from both the statistical and political sides.

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- greater percentage required to achieve an AS if regions are proportional
+ most regions not truly proportional at the moment, so any difference is not so great
+ smaller regions give smaller parties a greater chance of winning at least somewhere

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This regional variation applies particularly to the Lib Dems, so I am quite surprised Jane Dodds has come out against it. It would be very surprising if her party didn't increase their representation to a good few seats under the current proposal.

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So, if for example, the Green party were to put up a popular candidate, they would have a greater chance of reaching 12% within the proposed system than they would with larger regions. Would that be enough to close the gap between old and new? I don't know, but quite possibly. As (all) parties tend to be stronger in some regions than others, I suspect this will easily compensate for the higher percentage required.

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So, in a best case with the current system, around 8% will get an AS, but the best case is more often than not not achieved.
In every case, in the new system, around 12% will be required. These figures are not precise, because they depend on the exact division of votes between other parties.
But - and this is a big but - when you have smaller regions, you have a greater chance of local influences affecting the result.

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It also means that smaller parties have to get more than 1/12 (~8%) of the region vote to get represented.
If we divide Cymru into 16 regions (double-[new-border] constituencies), which are completely elected via d'Hondt, that eliminates the possibility for over-representation, amongst the 8 members that each double-constituency will elect.
But it also means that a party (or indeed an individual) would need around 12% of the vote to be elected.

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(the d'Hondt method; that's where the maths comes in), but taking into account the party allegiance of the first 8. That gives a very proportional 12 from each region.
Except, there are flaws in this. The main flaw actually favours the Labour party; that is, if a party more than fills its d'Hondt quota with constituency AS's, that region will not be proportional. This usually happens in the three South Wales regions.

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There are some interesting suggestions in this article. Politics aside, let's have a look and see if there's any basis to the concerns.
tl;dr: yes and no; swings and roundabouts. But I think Lee Waters is right.

At present, Cymru is divided into 5 regions. We elect one AS from each region's 8 constituencies (40 across Cymru) using the traditional First-Past-The-Post method. Another 4 are elected by proportional representation


Delighted to share my thoughts on why I'm so keen on with other members via their newsletter 🤝

Read my article on their blog at Will also be posting on my personal blog at

I found the solution, though even typing the search query into DuckDuckGo was interesting.
Fn-W toggles the swap.
But... just why? Why would anyone EVER want to do that?

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So I was randomly typing in and suddenly the arrow keys and the wasd keys have become swapped around. Typing is ... interesting.

Ro'n i'n bwriadu golchi fy nillad gwely heddiw, ond ni allaf.
I was going to wash my bed clothes today, but I can't.

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