Cat 5 ‘not my cat’. When we moved here nearly two and half years ago there was a sad bedraggled Tom cat living in the greenhouse. No one seems to know anything about him. He’s now fed by me and has a better bed. Great for controlling the rodents in the duck house! A tabby and white cat we call Dylan Thomas. He’s an outdoor and can’t be touched!

Regular visitor cat. So cat 4.5 if you like. Belongs to my daughter and comes with her when they visit. This is Poppi, adopted from Battersea by my other child who moved into a shared house with a dog. She’s a very dainty little tabby with very dark paws. She loves our sunroom and when she visits I am responsible for feeding and tray emptying (not sure how that happened! 🤣)

Cat number 4 was my daughter’s but didn’t settle when they moved to a flat. She likes to be upstairs! Raya is a three year old Tortie and white with a lovely ginger blaze on her head. She’s an absolute monkey!

This is Jaspurr. Another rescue. He is18 and we adopted him aged15. He was going to be put to sleep but vet refused and he was taken in by Cats protection.

Let me introduce my cats. First up is Benny The Bear. He’s a rescue, allegedly ‘feral’. He likes cuddles, food and sleeping in the sun. Very purry!

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