The ArTist - Erik JOHANSSON is a surreal photographer from #Sweden, based in #Prague, but working all around the world. He tests the boundaries between what is real and fiction. - Titles: Land fall / Arms break... Go your own road/ A place like home / The cover up/ - - #ericjohansson #photography #fotografie #art #streetart #mastoart #unreal #NatureArt #natur

Got a good photo of Benny The Bear earlier. Picture of a ginger and white cat with his head cocked and looking down

Uiiii 🤗 News vom Duo:
Artist: #sourati (Christina Laube/ Mehrdad Zaeri) - in City: #Mannheim , Germany 🇩🇪 Title : "We are sourati" - #streetart #mastoart #graffiti #stadtwandkunst #art #mural #mastodon #Elefant

@davidoclubb @AngharadHafod wow! Look at those clouds! I bet the dog loves it. Beach dogs always look so happy.

@AngharadHafod oh lovely picture! It’s definitely one of my favourite places for a good walk.

Lovely walk yesterday along Ynyslas Beach. Photos show sand and sea and the view across the estuary to Aberdyfi.

@AngharadHafod You gave it’s go, more than most would do! We have hung onto Rhods here in Melindŵr.

Cyfieithu Mastodon / Welsh translation (faves/likes) 

@nic Just glad it’s not ‘licio’. A word that makes me wince!

@AngharadHafod Pob lwc. I shall be voting for Rhodri (Plaid) here in Melindŵr

Mae hi wedi bod yn brofiad, ac yn bleser. Nawr, does dim byd i wneud, ond PLEIDLEISIO!
It's been an experience, and a pleasure. Now, there's nothing left to do, but VOTE!

@nuala Hi, I am Ada. I am a petticoated swashbuckler.

@nuala I answer in Welsh. That usually messes with their heads. 😈

@bunty Thank you! It’s the first one I did in 2D! It’s basically painting with wool. I can’t paint!

@rowba Thank you! I love the idea of art escaping the page/area.

Time to share some of my work I think. I make all kinds of needle felt and sculpture. From simple flowers to large rainbow roosters. Below 1. Rose bud broaches. 2. Needle cushion in a teacup. 3. 2D picture (an interpretation of the valley I live in) 3. Miniature duck wearing wellies (no one sane attempts duck feet that small using fluff!)

#Poll #Food #Environment #Climate
Many folks here are climate activists, thus probably very much aware of the impacts of their food choices on 🌎. But still, do you generally find it easy to eat sustainably? If not, feel free to share why by replying to this post!

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