Hi all. My name's Chris Were and I work as a reporter at the Monmouthshire Beacon.

I'm not new to the but I thought I'd join Toot.Wales since it's a bit more relevant to what I do and looks like a really fun place to be.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

@ChrisWere WHAT! You got hired as a reporter! That's AWESOME! Can't wait to see the stuff.

Also should have been a obvious instance hahahh

Will the articles or what you make be shared here?

@ChrisWere, why not

I saw you at

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@TheFuzzStone I'm still going to be active on LR but I'm going to be using @ChrisWere for less technical posts.

What do you mean "new to the Fediverse"? Haven't you been using @ChrisWere since time immemorial? Is that not part of the Fediverse? I'm very confused.

Woops, sorry, I must've screwed my eyeballs in upside down today lol

@ChrisWere Hi Chris, welcome to the instance! Thanks for joining us here, anything you need let me know.

@tooter Thanks for the warm welcome. I do have one question. Does this instance have a Patreon?

@ChrisWere For now no, we have a charitable non-profit that "owns" the instance and we are funded at least through the end of this year, we won't be accepting donations until we absolutely need them.

@ChrisWere So, what was the determination, is this going to be a twitter bridge, or an account unto itself?

@murph Maybe both, probably closer to the latter. I haven't worked that part out fully yet, I think I'll work it out as I go.

@ChrisWere That's great. We could really do with some good content here, and Tŵt has such potential for Cymru.

@AngharadHafod Thanks. I don't suppose you know if there's a keyboard combo for the ŵ character?

@ChrisWere On Android, it's available via long hold on the w key to me. As a Linux desktop user, I have it via the compose key. M$ alt code? I wouldn't know, but I seem to remember that 373-376 are the html entity codes for the Welsh letters. That might work with alt.

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