@ChrisWere Perhaps he thinks that giving a talk at Microsoft will hasten their adoption of Free Software. It's not very likely that Microsoft will release Windows or Azure as Free Software though but maybe he's thinking more about mindshare among staffers and eroding their decades long proprietary mindset. Placing seeds of doubt.

Even so, this seems like more of a PR victory for Microsoft than for FSF.

@bob You don't change minds by only talking to people who already agree with you.

@ChrisWere I can't believe a marketing team though that'd be a good idea.

He's basically a robot who pulls out one of ten speeches, which all consist of 'Microsoft is bad'.

@malin @ChrisWere When I heard him he seemed more intent on bashing Apple (his iBad stickers were quite popular). Though Microsoft came under fire too of course.

@ChrisWere The article talks mostly about "open source". #rms has notjing to do with that stuff. ;)

@ChrisWere Gotta love the tag line for the article:

A day later, everyone's seemingly alive but Windows still isn't 'free.'

@ChrisWere I hope this is more than just trying to win trust.

@ChrisWere one good reason to give that talk is to make them understand that every time the gplv3 is used on github, people should classify it as "free software", not "open source".
I would really like to know if anyone has gotten their hands on a recording of the talk yet :)

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