A big welcome to our new friends from . Glad to have you here folks.

Just a little push, and in no time you will cross 10 million , I promise

#ReClaim #ReBuild #india

Oh? I'm hoping that this means there's a new mass migration of users on to Mastodon?

@ChrisWere How people are getting blue and green ticks here? Just wondering about the criteria!

@Citizan There's no criteria. Those people have just put the green tick emoji into their account name. ✅

@ChrisWere what about the blue tick inside a star, like on twitter?

@ChrisWere we're even more excited to be here! This is our way of giving the little birdie 'the bird'.

@ChrisWere but why is the sudden surge? What caused the migration?

@zen_monkey @ChrisWere The #birdsite 's new "updated policies" announcement which did nothing to tackle abuse, harassment and racism. Arbitrary suspension of accounts. Favoritism for Nazi/RW persons. And more.

Ppl got fed up 🤷.

@ChrisWere The other platform is now an open supporter of fascist forces. We have no choice but to hunt for an alternative.

@ChrisWere Thank you and hi! It's nice to be able to do this again in a place we used to call the world wide web.

@ChrisWere the amount of users that'll migrate from the bird site is going to blow your mind. There were too many trolls on the bird site tbh.

This is the first and the biggest social media migration the internet has ever seen. Mark my words if we can provide a good moderation this will overtake any social media easily.

@ChrisWere hopefully we are here to stay. Even if some folks finally run their own instance, they will stay in the #fediverse

@ChrisWere Thank you and hi! Looks like a great place to escape toxicity of birdsite!

@ChrisWere suggest me some punjabi accounts until I get hold of this.

@ChrisWere I’ve just joined. And I have only a bunch of stupid questions to ask right now. Like what is #fediverse 🤷🏻‍♀️


10 million Indians on Mastodons is our target Chris.
20% from Kashmir once internet blockade is lifted there hopefully.

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