People who just shoot the breeze here in the and don't care about social network clout are my kinda folks! same. Tho I guess I'm abide to a far more edgy variant of this than you do same. Tho I guess I abide to a far more edgy variant of this than you do

@ChrisWere I don't think there is such a thing as social network clout in the fediverse anyway. For me the fediverse reminds me of the old internet fora with the same kind of community dynamic (although not interlinked as in the fediverse). I kinda came to the conclusion that if you let go of the naming ('social media') and comparing ('Twitter'), you start to look at things differently.

Ok, enough of my rambly thoughts...

@frankstrater I think you're probably right. I suspect that's just as much a part of Fediverse culture than it is about the technical merits.

@ChrisWere And if someone is interested in clout, they would not be likely to join the fediverse anyway, I guess

@frankstrater Clout chasers are - their very definition - followers of the herd.

Most people on the fedi are pretty good and thinking for themselves IMHO.

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