@ChrisWere when? now? damn cant connect headphones due to bug ;-;

@ChrisWere meant - this last one where he showed doggy ? or other one (lol, vacation, idk time lool)

@ChrisWere @HamishTPB

*hides under carpet*

Those were not my better frying pan moments.

@ChrisWere @anjune Surprisingly, I sound less grumpy than I expected. Anjune does way better than she thinks.

I notice that Chris edited out the second part of the Church siege, after I clearly told everyone what was going to happen 😛

@ChrisWere @anjune I did manage to get passive aggressive once we got split up over the "boat" incident.

@anjune @ChrisWere We were in a church at a set-piece defensive point - the bell was ringing and the hordes attacked...

@ChrisWere @anjune Still a lot less grumpy than I thought I was. I must be mellowing in my old age. Also we did that quite well too.

@HamishTPB @anjune
Yeah, but I mucked it up for us in the end, with the boat. lol

@HamishTPB @anjune
Which means technically we beat the level so...

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