Oh wow, TIL that @bitwarden has an F-Droid repository for their client. That's really cool.

@ChrisWere @bitwarden

That's because #bitwarden is DA COOLEST!

Seriously love it, recommend it to everyone, and I support it financially. I really think EVERYONE should have a password vault at this point.

@anjune KeePassXC works just fine. Nothing wrong with that. But Bitwarden keeps all my passwords in sync, it randomizes passwords, it randomizes usernames (with an API to AnonAddy so I can forward to my email), it has 2FA built in.

Plus it's SUPER easy to set up and use for any non-technical person. WHich I have a bunch in my household and family. :-)

@ozoned That whole automating it thing has thus far passed me by and I manually copy and paste passwords from keepass into stuff

@ozoned Does Bitwarden have a CLI client for when the GUI Apocalypse comes

@ozoned @bitwarden
Yeah, I've been on Bitwarden for a while now. Very happy with them.

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