I get that many people on the hashtag (on Birdsite) don't care about Starbucks going cashless, or that they might not understand why it's problematic, but why are so many people—many of whom appear to be left leaning—going to bat for the corporation?

@ChrisWere haha. especially when it's a boutique coffee shop rather than a regular one.

@ChrisWere marketing, mostly. 😂​

Their coffee and vegan-friendly snacks being fair trade doesn't really make up for all the tax dodging and tip stealing.

@ChrisWere if i speak out of context, physically giving money to something/someone is always worked me better than digital payments. prefer cash in my life. when i spent my well earned money by debit card, i can lost the control of the amount of it.


In the last ten years I've noticed a shift. The left has been tricked into supporting the establishment in both politics and business.

So it no longer surprises me that left-leaning people are defending big corporations like #starbucks


Full disclosure, I have never considered myself to be "left learning", though perhaps "left-libertarian".

@ChrisWere I've found that a new sub section of the Left has emerged. One that likes a political party that is socially progressive, but very pro business, which basically dove tails into being pro-corporate.

These parties seem to tailor their platforms to attract high-flying executive types that want to feel good about themselves while their heel is firmly pressed on the necks of those in social strata below them.

Folks going to bat for Starbucks may be in that group or benefit from them.

@pennywhether Sounds like libertarianism (not to be confused with libertarian socialism).

@DrewNaylor @pennywhether

Libertarians seem to be against Starbucks going cashless. I'd say it's mostly liberals who are batting for Starbucks here; those that are smewhat socially progressive, but otherwise economically right-of-centre or pro-corporate. Sorta like Hillary Clinton (circa 2016) style Democrats.

@ChrisWere The new Left is pro-corporate and very pro-stakeholder capitalism. The old Left, by standing up for the working class, would reject those things outright.

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