Toying with the idea of doing shorts for the . A little less rambly than my usual content.


Sounds good :) Will these be on Mastodon and longer form on PeerTube?

@FediVideos That's certainly a possibility. I don't how many plays the Mastodon shorts get, but I'll try and judge from feedback and retoots, and see what the general reception is.


Either is fine by me, just guessing based on you posting this through Masto :)

Having said that, have had some people say they can't play videos as easily on Masto?

@FediVideos Yeah, I'm just going to work it all out as I go.

I'll keep the Masto videos at 480p square and short. Hopefully that'll keep the size down and make it easier for people. But I'll make sure to listen to feedback for any issues.

@ChrisWere I came across this on F-Droid. It's kinda tricky to control but still fun! :blobcatcoffee:

@ChrisWere Have you tried #Quinb on #fdroid? (GPLv3+) Reaction and logic game, 1–4 players (but best with 2 I feel). My sister and I got a lot fun out of it.

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