I love that I get more feedback on my videos from the than on YouTube. As YouTube becomes more sanitised, the Fediverse feels like an exciting growing space, where people are genuinely interested in it, and not exploited for ad bucks.

@ChrisWere That's the power of #fediverse community 😎 . The benefit is that there are lot of people here and everyone has their own opinion which you can use to improve your content and also upgrade yourself
😃 👍 .

@ChrisWere It's really nice to see. Even my feed on Mastodon is more active and interesting than Twitter most of the time as well.

Sure, there are some academics and such that can make interesting threads on the latter, but so much of what's there is of low to middling quality or straight up trying to sell something / seeking attention. Here the conversation is much more authentic and unfiltered.

I'm curious to see where the Fediverse will be in 5-10 years as it continues to grow.

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