@ChrisWere I don't know if I have any useful tips besides "be prepared to fail" but I garden in and out of the house and I have to say the joy of growing things, especially things you can eat, is way up there for me. Play with soil mixes, light, moisture, learn from your mistakes, and treat your plants like pets. They are unique,

@ChrisTalleras @ChrisWere don't be afraid to experiment! Fruit trees are easy and beautiful. A pond can be a brilliant addition to a garden. Get water butts! For next summer...

@ChrisWere make sure to strike strong poses towards the plants to show dominance

I've been really getting into gardening lately. Think I might share the journey on this account. If anyone ever has any tips, please feel free to share them with me.

Enough with the phishing already.

People on fedi are far more careful and not really into this kind of thing, I only see this on Another Social Network.

Security questions are a really bad idea.


#introductions Just signed up. I am 75yrs of age, love Linux and open source software. Particularly like Kdenlive and Gnucash. Using, among other things, Linux Mint on a Macbook Air. Love Wine (both kinds) and am very fond of Islay whisky. Live in Perth, Western Australia.

The problem with #TikTok is not whether it is based in China or the US. The problem with TikTok is TikTok. Here's why: tutanota.com/blog/posts/proble

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