@gomez @eviloatmeal @jaz For me it's a rare occasion where a club or society only meets on Facebook and in the cases where they do, I usually just ring up someone who's in the group.

If something happens on Facebook, people will usually end up telling me IRL.

@jaz @gomez I took the plunge and deleteed my FB a few years back. It was mostly for security reasons, people kept trying - and sometimes succeeded - to use it to contact people I knew, steal money, generally abuse my personal info.

It took an adjustment period, but honestly, I never looked back.

It does a good job of fostering FOMO and looking like the place 'where everyone is', but I think that's illusionary to a point. Unfortunately, it's a powerful illusion.

@resynth1943 @koyu I don't know if I'd call Mastodon mainstream, even now. Not that it matters. It is what it is and that's all good in my book.

Maybe with a beard like this, I'll win friends and influence people. :thinkhappy:


I probably have more sympathy than most for those who have been isolated as a result of C-19, but the Greggs across the road should really not be this busy.

I could probably look the other way if some particularly lonely people just needed someone to talk to, but quite a few folks are treating this like a public holiday.

Eh, if people don't care about the climate emergency, then there's probably no reason they'd care about this.

Our Streamer, Sin, thinks she's a bad-ass.

Clip: clips.twitch.tv/ElegantGrotesq

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