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Left 4 Dead 2: a grumpy Scotsman, a Welshman, and a German pro-gamer walk into a zombie ambush

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AntennaPod is turning a decade old in about a week! 🎉
To honor the occasion, we would like to invite past, current and future users to celebrate.

Join us for a get-together and connect to on Friday 22/07 at 18:00 CEST!

The agenda includes looking back at how the App has evolved throughout the releases. A great opportunity to socialize with the core team, occasional contributors and fellow app users.

Add it to your calendar and get a reminder:

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App development isn't easy, I have mad respect for fediverse app developers.

That being said, it's a pretty amazing feeling to build my own :pixelfed: app.

Being the sole developer can get lonely sometimes, but the productivity more than makes up for that! #pixeldev

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If you're developing a video game with the ability to custom your character, please don't forget disabled folks and also add mobility aids!

As a few examples, you should at least include wheelchairs, crutches, rollators, prosthesis, hearing aids, noise canceling headphones...

We lack representation in video games and wish we could relate more when there's a custom possibility.

Please, make it possible if you can!

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#Goldfish is a brand new project created by @stux as a FOSS replacement for platforms like TikTok & Vine.

Development has started a few days ago and the first rought draft is online at

The platform is build in Laravel from scratch and the plan is to also add ActivityPub so it can connect with the Fediverse in the future.

Our git repo will be updated when a good first version is done ✅

We also have a Patreon page for the project! Hopefully I can spend many many more hours on it's development ❤️

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Google is the top spy among all Big Tech companies. So to protect your privacy to the maximum, you need to stop using Google services wherever possible.

The most difficult part when quitting Google is if you've got an Android phone as most apps use Google Push notifications.

But the number of open source apps refusing to let Google spy on their users is constantly growing. 😎 💪

Here are our favorite FOSS apps that do not use Google Push! 😍

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🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

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I want a new laptop. It needs to be light and fast (i7) with decent storage.

I've got to that point where I've read too many reviews and now have absolutely no idea what to buy.


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The fediverse is quite amazing when you consider how many borders, social constructs and expectations it breaks.

Keep challenging the status quo, because people like us are the kind of people that change things.

We make things better, together ✌️ #oneLove

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American Truck Simulator - Rest Stops 

A new blog post dropped for #AmericanTruckSimulator about Texas' rest areas. A couple of them look familiar to me, and they did an absolutely phenomenal job recreating them. They even have the details with the names and the mirrored TxDOT logo.

The Clearview font is used for the Rest Area sign (hopeful, but may have been plastered from the TxMUTCD). There's a BGS in the background with the Highway Gothic font though.

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Did you know that @lxqt_project 1.1 isn't just coming to 22.04 Backports?

We are also working on upstreaming all of our changes to @debian, so Debian LXQt users can benefit too!

#opensource #collaboration #debian #lubuntu #lxqt

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Websites that split username and password fields onto two separate pages should be blown up. Extremely.

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Facebook Is Banning People Who Say They Will Mail Abortion Pills

A Facebook user and Motherboard both faced consequences for posting about mailing abortion pills on Facebook on the same day the Supreme Court overturned protections offered by Roe v. Wade.

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Shoutout to #firefox, #signal, and #antennapod for including real change logs with their updates instead of a repetitive, meaningless "We're always working to improve our product" message.

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Unity (former game engine company) has merged with an actual adware and malware distribution company. That's not an exaggeration. Fake Flash installers, was blacklisted by Microsoft's anti-malware tool, VirusTotal entires, that kind of thing.

Don't build your games on engines you don't have the source code to.

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If you mostly let AI decide what to read and who to interact with, I am sorry to tell you this, but you might be an NPC.

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