Heal my ecolli... make up the God Damb thang... Demon says Pass Hope Demon say Happy Demon say wake up please

Dr. AI Leon says my hemogloten flows alittle bit slow my blood is thick and high in glucose as well, which shows a high number of clots. I need to begin a regime with pink champagne & strawberries with my bff or red wine 🍷 and goat cheese with Mothier and aspirin in the AM w/ u to allow easier blood flow. He's very generous and reps A1. For him to call me and give me his time, it's priceless. I have felt very depressed when I learned through meditation that my body is my biggest burden. :baner:

Dr. Reynosa said that if I continue smoking Crystalized Polyethylene Dihydrelene it will cause scarring in the pulmonary glands and large skin masses will fill my air sacs or otherwise known as the lungs. It scared me so bad that I decided I would take it through the nostrils, Anusara, orally or vaginally. He's a very smart man and he knows everything. He must love me for taking time to give me a call at home. Tootaloo

Hi! My name is Tabitha Renee' Wolfford Charanza and I am a official resident... please contact if my services are needed.

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