My colleague and I used to have a pretty serious fruit exchange going on before the office was shut down. I come into the office today to find two donut peaches waiting for me. It made me very happy.

One of these days I'll learn to not wear my these are for being in public shoes to go mudlarking. I say hopefully, but in reality I probably won't learn that.

How not to reply to a professional email, in general, but specifically to someone you've never met.

I'm hoping the person went to type my name and somehow it autocorrected to that.

Already not happy about having to go outside today only to discover this tragedy out my back window. Why? Why? The poor tree. Also, why would you cut down all your and my shade? I would have come down and helped clean up the leaves! I'm going too miss seeing the birds in the limbs.

But meanwhile the united app says this:

No mention of the aircraft issues. So what's the problem then United? Overall they haven't been very transparent these past 26 and counting hours.

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Cos didn't have any more for us to fly to another city, other cities didn't have any either. Apparently there is an aviation fuel shortage around the country. We try to go back to the gate but we can't because they weren't expecting us back and they didn't have anyone to work the gate.

Meanwhile I know I'll miss my flight to NYC. I get on their app asking if there is another I could be booked on. Please read attached screen shot.

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Darker in person, but looking pretty good today.

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Okay. So archery is a bit dangerous.

Fuck yes. My sister has the best cereal. Don't be fooled by the name, it's delicious.

Okay, playing with the beautiful new book cloth I ordered before the nap. Sliced my finger opening the package but at least this time I felt it so I know I didn't bleed on any of it. Oh the books you'll be made into...

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I went to a baby shower last weekend. This amazing clock was in the bathroom. I wanted to steal it, sadly it would have been a bit too big to fit into my purse.

Now I know Google translate isn't super accurate. But I also do know that the title of the pamphlet is not that. I would read it if it was though.

Yeah...let's hope that this is a temporary fix and the super isn't considering this done. Because I already see some issues with it.

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