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On the day de Pfeffel declares a new nuclear plant will be built at Trawsfynydd, here's an old map of the Chernobyl exclusion zone superimposed on northern Wales.

During , I‘ve taken time out of my day to:

- Have a quiet walk in Bute Park
- Stroke a lovely cat
- See Yard Act with my BFF
- Get my hair cut

It’s been a busy (+ sometimes infuriating) week, but I’m coming out the other side. If you’re struggling, DM me.

Buggered if I can get the Mastodon app to work on my iPhone, despite allowing cookies. Anyone else encountered this problem? What am I doing wrong?

Feeling pretty darn proud of myself for setting a PB at the Oxford yesterday, with my first ever sub-40min. 🏃‍♂️

Local democracy has its challenges - especially turnout - but it struck me as impressive that in the (unremarkable) ward where I live, I could have voted for candidates from SIX different parties. No lack of choicer here.

Isn’t it lovely to wake up and know that Ronnie O’Sullivan is World Champion again and all is well with the universe?


Dych chi'n gyffrous am y snŵcer prynhawn 'ma? Pwy fyddwn ni'n cefnogi?

Are we excited for the snooker this afternoon? Who will be be supporting?

Not a bad day. Older Child got MotM at football, then off to watch some non-league with Younger Child in the sunshine with mates. Can every Saturday be like this, please?

Oes cefnogwyr eraill (neu wrandawyr 1912 Exiles?!?) yma?

Any other fans (or 1912 Exiles listeners?!?) on here?

Helo pawb - pwy sy 'ma?
Hullo folks - who's here?

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