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Apologies, too much of security issues / digital legacy fixing / following healthy longevity - environment - ecovillages - COVID travel - other news, even of trying to get a minimum of exercise and healthy nutrition. Always hoping to settle down somewhere and finally be social again. I guess COVID has taken its toll even if one wasn't sick because of it. For now my best regards to all the lovely people here.🐿️ 🦉 🌲 🍷 🦎 ✨ 😀

Heading image from The Upside - The Guardian. Worth reading

And thanks to you too, Jaz, I'm not there yet, but I'll try my best to join you - hope you don't mind and that it's possible.. Talk soon

Well, I wrote a long thanks, but I lost it, thank you all, and talk soon! - Just on Skype with family and friends far away.

Hello all!
I wish to bring over a bit of my background for present and future friends. I hope it's a good idea.. Unfortunately that was on Facebook. I really wish to keep some of those posts here if I may, then I'll bring it all in the open. I won't spend all my day on any social network, so it may take some time. It will be a chance of doing a bit of de cluttering.. Thanks for the patience. Cheers! Flavio

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