capitalism will have you believe that every hobby and interest you have should be turned into a fully fledged career, or at least, a profitable business

My name is Tobias, I'm a web developer from Lübeck, Germany. Born in Bavaria.

Interested in #photography and #nature

My Toots are usually in german or in english. Nice to meet you!

Some folks: if we just let billionaires get as powerful as they can, they will save the world.

Billionaires: *fuck off to Mars with indentured servants after strip-mining the planet*

5 top movies of all time

1. Top Gun
2. Zootopia
3. Over the Top
4. Woman on Top
5. El Topo

Honorable mention


Chrome continues to be the only major browser without meaningful built-in tracking protection. Web extensions need more freedom to operate on their own, which means first-class access to browser APIs and persistent memory.

One thing I am learning after joinging a software company is that there is general disagreement about how software should be made.

The Facebook leaks should be the starting point, not the end, of a sincere policy debate over concrete approaches that will make the internet—not just Facebook—better for everyone.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but…

Privacy isn’t:

- A premium feature
- A setting you must configure
- About having something to hide

Privacy is:

- A basic human right.

We love the Slow Ways project. Many of us have probably walked Slow Ways routes without realising it! 🐌🚶

Support the project to link villages, towns and cities in Wales and the rest of the UK by walking a 'slow way' near you!

Here's their latest newsletter

Welsh Government's 'deep dive' into is complete!

There are some interesting proposals here:

* Ambition to scale up much more renewable energy 📈
* Develop a National Energy Plan by 2024 📑
* Supporting behaviour change (this is vital!!) ✊👏
* A Wales Energy System Architect 🤔🧐
* A review of the consenting process ✔️
* Using procurement to support the sector 💷
* Support for community energy 🦸

And many more.

Delete #instagram

Download your data

Choose HTML for ease of viewing or JSON for I don't actually know which use case. AFAIK there is no interoperability as of now.

Wait and download

Delete permanently

You did the right thing.
Don't look back.

Explore the #fediverse, namely #pixelfed.

I really, really want to like #pixelfed but it feels even emptier than Mastodon, and I can't find a lot of posts about the things I like 😔 Does anyone else feel the same way? I joined but maybe I just need to find a better instance?

@dansup @pixelfed are there any plans to add "drag and drop" and cut/paste from browsers on Windows for #Pixelfed (like we already have on Mastodon and Flickr)?

This is quite a big missing feature as I have to write down what pictures I want to upload from the Camera Roll which like being back in 2005 so I end up using Pixelfed less (and its otherwise a decent app)

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