It is really quite simple: with the UK and the Republic of Ireland as partners in the EU, things (you know, regulations laws and that stuff) made the differences either side of the Irish border small enough to make the Good Friday Agreement a viable concept.

If you spot the singing conductor on a Welsh train, use the hashtag

The very fact that so many EU workers are staying - even whilst the country lurches the the extreme right and seems about to commit economic Harakiri - shows how much more honour and love they have for this blasted isle than your average Brexiter.

Mae fy ffrindiau clwb clonc yn hoffi bwyta. Phew.

I need a job where I am forced to speak yn Gymraeg all day

Es i i Ynys Y Barri i bwyta pysgod a sglodion. Yum

We are enjoying ourselves in ynys y barri. It's a bit damp

Hahahaha - guy from the Telegraph on the radio trying to say that other media outlets are part of the mainstream media establishment.

It's the Trumpification of British politics.

Am I the only person in the country who has never taken drugs? As far as I know I've never smoked, ingested or injected dope/heroin/cocaine and I think I'd remember if I had.

Oh ok Priti. You know you just said that something Boris said was not true, do you?

Maybe you should slow down and think about what you are saying before you say it.

It must be strange being a woman and having Trump tweet your praises. Hard to take anything he says without an unpleasant double meaning.

Pah. Who in their right mind would move from Coventry to Leamington Spa? Fools.

Oh great, it is going to be Boris, isn't it?

There is something quite moving - in a way - about finding books and pamphlets published anonymously a century or more ago.

It's that sense that someone thought that their words were more important than their name.

In what possible world would the EU want an Irish backstop that was time limited or capable of being unilaterally revoked by the British government. I don't understand.

Anyone else notice has an inability to pronounce 'Cymru'?

Maybe go and ask someone who speaks the language, Keir.

There is a good chance that we will get to Nov 1 with almost no trade deals with anyone. We will have nowhere to sell stuff (at least in the short term) and it will be more difficult to import

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