Sorry, your stance makes no-deal much more likely.

France will block an A50 extension and no alternative idea will get support in the HoC so we get dumped out with the default.

Sorry chaps, I don't think the French will allow an A50 extension.

Now would be a good time for the coop party to stand up as an alternative socialist political party.

I wonder if anyone has hacked an Amazon Alexa to somehow retain the good stuff without the creepiness.

I have an idea for a radio-doc-stroke-podcast I want to make, but will probably procastinate () for another year and never make it.

Anyone in making need a slightly balding intern?

In more positive news, the council have agreed to repair my wheelie bin. For £0

Tiny, but significant, win.

I wonder if anyone would pay for freelance online moderation services.

A poll by people who have literally never heard any radio from outside of the BBC. This is utter drivel. The BBC does not produce the world's best radio. Just a fact.

In the last two weeks, I've heard old ladies say almost exactly the same racist things on two different occasions. Loudly, in public, without shame.

Why is it that they think they can say these things?

Does dim "off switch" gyda mae hen bobl yma, dw I'm meddwl.

Think it, say it.

Heddiw, dysgais i (g)eiriau newydd defynddiol:

Hiliwr (racist)
Rhagfarn (prejudiced)

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