Wouldn't it be incredible if at moments of national crisis and drama, the spokespeople sent out to state facts and explain things powerfully but simply were on the Autism/Asperger's spectrum?

I suspect the act of calling out politicians in stark terms based on science will in future be called "Greta-ing".


Here's hoping that the @OpenUniversity@twitter.com has a birthday present of lots more money to give opportunities to generations more students.

There's a high level of irony in VICE media publishing articles about sexual harassment in corporations.

It's a disgusting outlet.


Heddiw ymarferais i gramedig anodd. Ych a fi :(

S'mae! Es i i Borthcawl dros y sul i eistedd ar y traeth :)

Es i i borthcawl heddiw. Roedd hi'n iawn 😀

Right then. Who's ready for a walk up Twmbarlwm?

Come on @wikileaks@twitter.com - do your thing

I hope nobody is planning an invasion of the UK or USA in the near future. We are both a bit distracted just now

I wonder how many pages of are completely black.

I wonder if Attorney Generals can be impeached.

The Irish border is the straw that will break the Brexit horse's back.

There is no way that one can have UK trade deals that undercut EU deals and retain the commitments agreed under the GFA.

The end.

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