Lots of thanks to everyone for suggestions for the Adobe CC alternatives list.

Here it is, let me know if there's anything you want added/corrected:


(Natron looks good too but it seems to be no longer maintained, and its official website's certificate has expired.)

#Adobe #CreativeCloud

@switchingsocial how about alternatives for audio/podcasting?


Good point!

I forgot to add any audio :O

Has anyone got any recommendations?

@switchingsocial maybe also alternatives to android/apple? (Controversial, I know)

@dheadshot @Joe

I was going to wait until @Purism's Librem 5 launches before adding an alternative smartphone section.

Will that run LineageOS (or even Replicant, though it's a bit out of date now) or is it strictly an Android device?
@Joe @Purism

@dheadshot @Joe @Purism

It's not Android :)

It's Linux based, like laptops can be. You can even install your own favourite version of Linux on it:


It's the first smartphone in quite a while that isn't Android or iOS.

How will the apps work? Could ordinary X software be recompiled for it or does it use a special interface like the Pocket CHIP did?
@Joe @Purism

@dheadshot @Joe @Purism

I'm not sure, I'm not a developer.

The development kits did go out at the end of last year though.

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