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Gair y Dydd: calan Gaeaf – mae'n galan Gaeaf dros y penwythnos gyda'r traddodiadau sy'n gysylltiedig â hynny.

Word of the Day: calan Gaeaf 'All hallows’ day, All Saints’ day, 1st of November': – It is 'calan gaeaf' (literally 'first day of winter') on Sunday, 'calan' being a borrowing from Latin 'calendae', the base of which also occurs in 'calendar' in English.

First rugby of the autumn internationals. Lets see if Pivac has managed to make Cymru any worse.

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Any campaign for needs the financial case made, in order to sway voters and to help develop a road map as to where the country goes once it is free.

This great blog outlines 's financial case. Sadly we in have some work to do to extract ourselves from the parasitic grip of the English Tory scum who rape our resources.

Came across this whopper walking the on Halley beach here in yesterday. Glad I didnt bump into it whilst the day before!

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Gair y Dydd: rhytgoch – un ffordd o ddisgrifio lliwiau gwych yr hydref.

Word of the Day: rhytgoch 'russet, rust-coloured': – one way to describe the extraordinary colours of autumn. (From rhwd 'rust' and coch 'red'.)

Only a daft cartoon but illustrates why needs from this sham 'union' which only benefits one member.

Screengrab from Bookface of Lee Canning, one of the leads of the Abolish the Welsh Assembly group.

Sums up their attitude towards and just shows why we need

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The hunt is on for an ambitious individual to join the GlobalWelsh team as a Community Engagement Officer! (Freelance Basis/Mat Cover)

This is a vast and varied and fast-paced role spanning across GlobalWelsh’s programmes and initiatives globally. You will play an important part in the day-to-day running of GlobalWelsh – helping us to engage and grow our global community.

Full spec can be found here >

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Gair y Dydd: pau – un o'r geiriau llai cyfarwydd yn anthem Hen Wlad fy Nhadau a ysgrifennwyd gan Evan James a fu farw ar y diwrnod hwn yn 1878.

Word of the Day: pau 'a country' – one of the less familiar words in the national anthem Hen Wlad fy Nhadau which was written by Evan James who died on this day in 1878.

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