A trundle around Penrhyndeudraeth... Lots of YES Cymru stickers too.

Found this discarded... I'd have picked it up if I wasn't going further away from civilisation.

Anglesey coast. Where we parked, there were vans, and inside at least one of those vans, was a bed. The signs said, "No overnight camping." Guess this was ignored.

I think this is a speckled yellow moth I managed to capture on digital media at Gwaith Powdwr nature reserve yesterday

Another fluttering creature at Gwaith Powdwr nature reserve yesterday, small pearl-bordered fritillary.

I heard the last track of the Stardust We Are album (song of that name) by The Flower Kings recently. New version of the album due out next month, but what else of theirs could I start with (I notice they've got a few being re-released)..

A shield bug on a bolting chard plant. There were more bugs on the lower stems and well, hot action going on to create more.

I do love the German flower postage stamps. Their bluebells call the hares instead of cuckoos. Do our harebells call the nightingales?

Time to write a letter to a penpal in Germany. Auf Deutsch? Nope, auf Cymrisch!

Eurovision time... will there be bananas?

Country lane, chased a butterfly to try to capture it in a digital photo.

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