Anyone have recommendations for easy to follow programmes on s4c? I'm a Welsh learner with basic knowledge of the language and want to immerse myself more

@Richie0110 I do watch pobol Y Cwm (cos it’s really good) but do find it difficult with the different accents. Other progs I find better are lighter ones like Heno and Jonathan. I did watch Y Gwych (Hinterland) yesterday (on box set catch up) and surprisingly found that pretty ok. Have to admit I prefer listening to Radio Cymru though, certain shows! Pob lwc! 👍😀

@TheBeastOfBaglan diolch! What shows do you enjoy on radio Cymru or do you listen to anything?

@Richie0110 I tend to listen to anything, on my phone, whilst in work, or around the house in the day. Do particularly enjoy the 'proper' music shows in the evening though at 7.00 Huw Stephens, Lisa Gwilym etc. I do think Shan Cothi in the morning is good for learners, as her voice is so crisp & clear & it tends to be light chat too!

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