It has been a long time since I came on Twt. Can someone remind me how it works. What are my 'home', 'local timeline', and 'federated timeline'?

Diolch yn fawr!

@Richie0110 Home is the people -you- follow. It's -your- timeline.

Local is everything on this node of Mastodon, so anyone on Twt who posts, it's in Local.

Federated is global, whether you follow them or not, it's a firehose of toots from around the world and is a fun way to find interesting accounts to follow.

As a reminder, Mastodon is a social network platform, we are one of thousands of nodes, millions of people, all joined through our use of the same platform.

@jaz ah I can remember now! Diolch for the refresher!

@Richie0110 hi there and croeso nôl!

I generally spend most of my time on local timeline for things Welsh and Wales - anyone posting on the instance will be seen here.

My main timeline is also interesting for me but that takes a while as it's people you're following, or boosts (like retweets) from people you're following.

Finally the hashtag search is good. I love the concept so I follow a lot of what happens there

@davidoclubb diolch for the reply. I think I'll spend ost of my time on the local timeline too. Good to know about the hashtags too. Diolch!

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