@davidoclubb diolch for the reply. I think I'll spend ost of my time on the local timeline too. Good to know about the hashtags too. Diolch!

@jaz ah I can remember now! Diolch for the refresher!

It has been a long time since I came on Twt. Can someone remind me how it works. What are my 'home', 'local timeline', and 'federated timeline'?

Diolch yn fawr!

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"Gwnewch y pethau bychain."

Today is Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, St. David's Day, a day of celebration and culture in . St. David is know for the saying the above, which translates as "do the little things."

David's philosophy means to take care in the small things that impact you and the people around you. None of us are perfect, but we can all be mindful.

Happy St. David's Day, and ponder the little things.

Dw i angen defnyddio Twt eto achos dw i angen ymarfer fy Gymraeg mwy. Felly, dw i'n mynd i dechrau heddiw - Dydd Dewi Sant! Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus pawb!

@gomez don't use that but have used similar e.g. audible. Only thing you should check is what range of titles they have. Worth the 99p trial though and has 4.5 stars on Google play store so must be pretty good!

@TheBeastOfBaglan diolch! What shows do you enjoy on radio Cymru or do you listen to anything?

Heddiw es i i'r 'Victorian Extravaganza" yn Llandudno efo fy gwraig, Izzy, a fy mab, Harri. Roedd yn arddechog! Dw i'n hoffi y reidiau!

@KnightGhost croeso! Dw i'n newydd ddechrau dysgu Cymraeg hefyd. Dw i'n bwy yn Cymru one dw i'n dod o Hull yn Lloegr.

Anyone have recommendations for easy to follow programmes on s4c? I'm a Welsh learner with basic knowledge of the language and want to immerse myself more

@msmiriamm it is what I love about Twt! (Sorry don't know the Cymraeg for that!)

@msmiriamm mi nai trio ond weithiau dw i ddim th siwr sut i ddweud beth dw i isio dweud! 🙈

Dw i wedi anghofio i Twt am tua mis ond dw i dal mwynhau dysgu Cymraeg efo ssiw! Well i mi dweud bod fi ymarfer siarad Cymraeg mwy I gwella.

@davidoclubb diolch! Dw i'n newydd ddechrau dysgu Cymraeg ond dw i'n trio!

Dw i'n mwynhau ymarfer dysgu Cymraeg ond mae dal rhaid i mi wella mwy!

Ond rhaid i mi ddweud bo' fi mwynhau ymarfer efo Twt!


Roedd heddiw yn gret achos mae fy gwraig wedi dwad adref! Ond mae Hull KR wedi colli eto!

@jaz Dw i'n hoffi Tŵt! I like having a space to ymarfer writing Welsh where I know people can see but know they understand that dw I'n newydd ddechrau dysgu siarad Cymraeg. (Sorry would never have been able to write that completely yn Gymraeg!)

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