Quicksand, a reasonably obscure Welsh band, this was their only album, 1973. One member of the band was in Man (for a bit).

Lady Lake off of . The second album from this brilliant but obscure band, they split after this one but got back together many years later for a third album

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Burke Shelley, Meat Loaf, Ian McDonald, Gary Brooker, Taylor Hawkins, Bert Ruiter, Yanick Étienne, Klaus Schulze, Ric Parnell, Ricky Gardiner, Vangelis, Alan White. What else you got in store 2022?

Very sad news for the community today as it was announced that Alan White, long time drummer for passed away after a short illness. I had already been announced a couple of weeks ago that he would miss the forthcoming tour due to illness, the tour will now be dedicated to him. I'm catching the show in Birmingham in a few weeks. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne

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The Utopia Strong
new video : sonofmarketing.com/2022/05/11/
tickets ents24.com/uk/tour-dates/the-u
04/06 Birkenhead
15 Birmingham
16 Bristol
17+18 London N5 \ Magma
19 Manchester \ Magma
24 Glastonbury Festival
29 Reading
30 Brighton
01/07 Falmouth
02 Dartington
03 Cambridge
20 Colchester
18/08 Glasgow
19 Manchester
25 Southampton
26 Caerdydd

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New old music from , this is an excellent set of from 1981, newly restored and released.

I like to talk music, especially . Haven't found many bands on here yet, shout out to @gongplanet here's my modest collection

Good evening, still new to this lark, moved here from mastodon.social. Let's see what happens

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