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Confession: I'm particularly fond of beeswarm plots. And while I usually finish up with a white background, I often like to work with a dark background for charts that are 'in-progress'. #DataViz #datavisualization

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adventures: savouring my house pecans and chocolate chip waffle tonight...long day tomorrow

The around me be hating the

adventures: can’t remember the , but tried Elysian space dust

for moi

adventures before the big weekend storm . Laisse les bons temps rouler

Courtbouillon at cafe Sbisa, fav. meal of the week

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The brown eyed squirrel, last seen at The Village Anchor, , : the best fried chicken

Before I tidy my table of many items, I had to revisit this video on minimalism...

From awakenwithJP: 😁

"happiness isn't found in things, its found in depressing emptiness. Confucius never said that but he definitely thought it"

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Could you recommend me any books (fiction/nonfiction) that helped you to either

* self-reflect,
* strongly reconsider the relation between yourself and the society you live in,
* or grow/change as a person?

If yes, which book(s)?

(Boosts welcome, I guess.)

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Three free mandalas as print-ready PDFs to download, print and colour! The first two are a suitable scale for printing on regular office paper, but the third is huge and complex and will need printing bigger unless you want to go blind.

#MastoArt #AdultColouring

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All schools in #Kerala / #India will switch to #FreeSoftware: "More than Rs 3,000-crore savings, we feel the key advantage of going for free OS is the ability to study, share, edit and publish without restrictions. In the education sector, this dissemination value is more crucial than costs", says Anjali Krishnan. #education #OpenSource

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Hello? Yes, this is #FollowFriday 🐶

👍 @news Friendica: The Fediverse alternative to Facebook

🎨 @krita Krita: Free open painting software

📚 @inventaire Inventaire: Share physical books, organise private libraries and make new friends

🎞️ @Blender Blender: Free open computer animation software

🍿 @comicbuzz ComicBuzz: Reviews of comics, films and games

Previous #FF:

#FFed #Alternatives


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