Tonight in - Turkish , good beer and the highlight of the evening -

Freshly-made warm sugary donuts- delishly sweet, soft and perfect with my coffee...

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My Angry bird (2015)

Eugene Levy- like eyebrows, really

Courtesy of the video I found Back then:

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I just thought of a cake in the shape of a Hilbert curve to optimize for the best part of the cake: the edges, then I discovered someone already made it! I'm glad that there are brains out there that think about the same stuff as me.

Today is day.
Diet, exercise, meds, regular checkups, and family support can help those who suffer.

Find myself humming this one this morning

- crying in the chapel

prompt day 18: misfit

Had several ideas for this one, but picking the simplest

Was reminded of the song : its hip to be a square

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