Hop Kick & Triple Hip from ⁦‪@mumblesbrewery‬⁩ is the Order of the evening, tonight!

@TheBeastOfBaglan and anyone else looking to discover new on : check out the Mastodon Art Gallery elenq.gitlab.io/artodon/ (give it a minute to load)

@gomez Good tune.....sounds like there's a massive metal tune there, just itching to be let loose!! 👍

Mae'n Ddiwrnod Amgylchedd y Byd heddiw, mae'r Cenhedloedd Unedig yn galw i ni actio am natur.
Mae mwy a mwy o bobl Cymru yn , mae hynny'n cadw deunydd wrth ddefnyddio ac, yn bwysig, allan o ein hamgylchedd.
Am wybodaeth, cyngor ac awgrymiadau, ewch i ein gwefan: walesrecycles.org.uk/cy

`Today is , with the UN calling on us all to act .
More and more of us in Wales are recycling, which helps keep resources in use and, importantly, out of our environment.
For information, advice & tips visit our website: walesrecycles.org.uk/

Cymdeithas Owain Glyndŵr Society
(from FB)

Mehefin 1401: Ymosododd Hywel Sele ar Glyndŵr yn Nannau, ond cafodd ei ladd a chafodd ei gorff ei ollwng i mewn i goeden wag.

June 1401: Hywel Sele attacked Glyndŵr at Nannau but he was killed and his body dropped into a hollow tree.

@davidoclubb After nearly 30 years of voting for the same party, I will be voting for a different one. I think most people will revert to norm though. We shall see.....🙂

@davidoclubb Haven't read the article, but I'm sure we'll all be back to normal before long. Hope I'm wrong!! :S

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