Great to see flights between Cardiff and Belfast coming back. Thanks to Aer Lingus it's going to make our trips to family in Donegal easier again.

Can I alert Twt to environmental grant schemes. Local Places for Nature and the Woodland Investment Grant . See

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Sad to hear of the death of the legendary Llanelli, Wales and Lions fly-half Phil Bennett.

Amazing player.

It's a fine, warm and glorious morning in Ceredigion. The perfect day to declare the independent republic of Cymru

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YES Caerdydd looking for volunteers to help deliver newspapers over next few weeks. Any takers, drop me a line. Diolch

On my way from Tredelerch to Bae Caerdydd this morning, the bus driver advised us all to get our buses home from Churchill Way after 4 due to concert road closures over next 3 days. When will this council give us a bus station and bus service fit for purpose. This is just plain ridiculous.

In Cardiff Central market, butchers here JT Morgan are amazing, good quality and lovely staff. Now upstairs for a cuppa and chips, market buzzing, its good to be bac out and about.

Apologies to all, it's not 850 plus unelected politicians at Westmonster, it's only that's alright then!😂

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@NationCymru isn’t that kind of where the ‘United’ in ‘United Kingdom’ comes from?

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@Tredelerch We have 105 of such lottery winners in the canadian senate too.


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Far over the Misty Mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day
To seek our pale enchanted gold

#photography #norway #northcape #photo #foto #fotografie #snow #fjord #ice #winter

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Just remember that when the Tories, and they will, mither about 36 additional MSs, do remind them of the 850 odd unelected members of the House of Lords, their costs and their bias towards the english south east.

Great news re gender balance and full PR to Senedd elections. Perhaps once in place it could be required of councils too, we need more participation. Might even run myself again. First step on journey to greater democracy and accountability.

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I think this means S4C will be available worldwide? Excellent news for learners everywhere

BBC News: S4C praises plans for new rules for streaming services

Cardiff born and bred, indyYeS please, yn dysgu Cymraeg. That"ll do for now

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