Err nooo, you are made of epoxy fibreglass and gloss paint

This is so exciting to see... that more diverse, healthier, sustainable, and beautiful landscapes in upland Wales are possible.

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This is what looks like on mountainside in upland to right of fence. I stopped there - it was alive with warblers singing.Left of fence still sheep grazed. Will new Wales Sustainable Farming Scheme encourage farmers to create habitat for nature like this?

Fuelled by capitalist fundamentalism, the war on nature is at least as violent an ideology as that perpetrated by ISIS and the Taliban, and much more of a threat to all of us.

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate Carole Cadwalladr 's TED talk, and, in particular today, the bravery it took to deliver it.

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While we were all distracted worrying (rightly) about the cost of living crisis, the UK government just passed an incredibly generous subsidy/giveaway to new oil and gas extraction. It will now cover 91% of the costs of new UK oil and gas investment...

Interesting article about the dangers posed to locals by the old nuclear power station, which I didn't know was a gas-cooled design that is inherently 'dirty' in that it vented radioactive particles, which the author claims dramatically increased local incidences of certain cancers. The proposed new design is 'closed loop' and doesn't do this. Make of that what you will.

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"In the UK, of the sewage sludge screened out by treatment works, 87% is sent to farms. The microplastics so carefully removed from wastewater by the treatment process are then spread across the land in the sewage sludge the water companies sell to farmers as fertiliser."

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As far as I can tell, only Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire have a higher case rate.

On the day de Pfeffel declares a new nuclear plant will be built at Trawsfynydd, here's an old map of the Chernobyl exclusion zone superimposed on northern Wales.

We should have been paying closer attention to what the right wing press were up to.

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