On the day de Pfeffel declares a new nuclear plant will be built at Trawsfynydd, here's an old map of the Chernobyl exclusion zone superimposed on northern Wales.

Interesting article about the dangers posed to locals by the old nuclear power station, which I didn't know was a gas-cooled design that is inherently 'dirty' in that it vented radioactive particles, which the author claims dramatically increased local incidences of certain cancers. The proposed new design is 'closed loop' and doesn't do this. Make of that what you will.

@abermart Is the reactor design prone to explosive meltdowns like the soviet-era kind? Or are they proposing something modern and safer?

@seachaint @abermart
If the nuclear power plants are so safe, why not build them in central London?

@fitheach @abermart TBH that would probably be a good move: lower transmission losses, fantastic scope to use wastewater for district cooling (waterway thermal pollution being one of the few harmful outputs from even a modern design)

@seachaint A modern small(er) modular reactor. Supposedly safer, still produces deadly waste of course. Obviously the exclusion zone map is tongue in cheek, but I find it poignant and still relevant.

@abermart ayadal gshchanayadd tyaashchsguiudd tyaashchsguiudd zkhsltsioi zoiz
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