This podcast about insects is well worth a listen. Mostly unloved, unknown or misunderstood, they are a key component of the whole ecosystem 🐝🐛🦋🐞🐜🪰🦟🪲🪳🦗🕸️

"Less chocolate and more cockroaches" unless we use fewer chemicals in our gardens and farmland. There are lessons for agriculture policy-makers, and anybody with a garden here

@afallen I could be mistaken, but even before I started to hear reports like this, my sense has been that there are fewer insects around in my area. I've also noticed a decline in recent years of the number of good sized spiders and their webs I used to find all over in the Fall... Maybe it's a temporary decline, but it makes me danged nervous with all the other news.

@afallen My pet hate at the moment is people having their gardens covered with plastic grass! Possibly the worst TV big for the environment they could do…..basically kills the entire garden and the poison from the plastic seeps down into the soil to kill all below it!!

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