is asking people to fill out their survey for 'state of open 2022'.

Just don't blame us for the fact they are using google forms for it hahahhaa

@afallen Have completed with the strong comment that they have undermined the whole exercise by using google docs

@gruff @afallen It's certainly comprehensive....!! Can't argue that I'm not informed (though naturally I didn't read before completing the survey haha).

I think there is a bit of work for them there. No need to collect a lot of that stuff, and especially not google. Our website @afallen specifically doesn't use any trackers (for example)

@davidoclubb @afallen My de-googling is nearly complete. But at a cost. Anyway, there are references in that privacy policy about storing stuff on Google Drive!

@gruff @afallen Yeah it's a bit mad really. I mean...Afallen also uses google services, but we are 4 people and we don't have as our core business supporting 'open' products and services (although we try!!!)

@davidoclubb @afallen We are small too. We've a Nextcloud instance with 1Tb of S3 storage. Less than a tenner a month!

@davidoclubb @afallen We're a small retail shop. I use OVO for the Linux instance which runs Nextcloud. The basic option runs fine for our needs.

@gruff @afallen Our websites are hosted on Thanks for the prod...I will have to keep pushing myself on Nextcloud. Perhaps playing with it at home to start!

@davidoclubb @afallen My host supports the old long discontinued code running that site. But it's fine. Ever since Amazon decimated the independent marketplace.

I knew a bit of Linux before, actually going back to Xenix! But this was invaluable for me to get up to speed.

@gruff @afallen I never use Amazon....horrible business!

I'm ok with installing Nextcloud - played with it a few times. I just have to have a 'use case' that makes in necessary. Perhaps the Cardiff National Park City.....I will think on it!

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