How are you doing over there? I haven't tried to chat you up since your husband recommended against it :-)
Really, how are the shelves in Wales around your way? Many shortages? How about petrol?


Hi there, petrol was a worry for a while but a bit better now in semi-rural Wales. It's pretty short in England but in Wales I think the worse shortages are in bigger cities and towns.
We are also having shortages because of Brexit, of course. Terrible strawberries and other fresh produce has been rank this year and no soda water! (for my wine) The message here is to avoid supermarkets and shop local, which I do anyway. 😇
What about you?

@anniemo71 I haven't noticed anything missing or empty shelves. Plenty of petrol.
*However* prices of meat and fuel is sky-high :-(
I can adjust. I often go without meat for days or sometimes a couple of weeks at a time - not for any reason, it just happens. So I'm going to institutionalize it by declaring Tue and Fr. I mostly honoured Fridays anyway as I'm too spiritually lazy to do anything else quite often ;-)

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