I just download and ran this in an effort to stop Microsoft from interfering with my computer. It is driving me nuts.
My technical skills mean that I could not work this out for myself. So 🤞

I think you are right! I read that I could run both if it was partitioned. Or, run Linux from a USB?
Of course, I am clueless and would take too long to learn. But....
My plan is to find someone local who is comfortable with both and get them to teach me. I need a south west Wales geek! There must be someone nearby. I will ask our grannies group.

@davidoclubb @anniemo71 If you have a spare USB drive you could try this . Unfortunately I'm not local to you so can't teach you person, but I'm sure there's a bunch of us on here that can help out with at least the 'try before you install' bit. 😊
Partitioning isn't too awful, though it depends how comfortable/familiar you are with slightly more low-level computer fiddling!

@anniemo71 @doombunny I used a dual boot as a way to start to feel comfortable with ubuntu back in the day. Now I'm 100% linux and have been for about 12 years.

But it's nice to have someone to hold your hand while you do it - stepping into the unknown is hard! Best way is probably to take a totally old, slow laptop/computer that's not being used and install linux, wiping out what was there previously. That way you don't feel like you're risking anything significant

@anniemo71 @doombunny I just got an 'old' (5 years) laptop from my mother in law, popped on it, and my daughter (age 7) is all over it, including her school microsoft apps like powerpoint etc via browser

Good idea David. I am sure someone in the family or friends will have an old laptop. 😃

@anniemo71 Having played around a bit recently with 'middle aged' machines, the sweet spot for me is . feels like a bit of a resource hog in comparison, and manjaro makes very easy - unlike which is very popular but a bit more tricky.

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