Dylan Morris
Canu Cae o Ŷd.
Mae'n canu yn wych!

This guy became famous during lockdown!


I love this!
Dw i'n wrth fy modd â hyn!

David Walliams reveals he's a 'quarter Welsh' and brings out his children's books in the Welsh language | Wales | ITV News itv.com/news/wales/2021-01-18/

Dyma hoff ganwr / ysgrifennwr caneuon arall
Another favourite singer/songwriter
Listen to Gad Iddi Fynd by Steve Eaves on

What (free stuff) can you do to improve your ?

• Follow Welsh speakers’ accounts
• Force yourself to read stuff in Welsh
• 5 mins per day on @duolingo
• 5 mins per day on @clozemaster
• Get @S4C on with subtitles
• Start a diary on your phone

Any more?

Pardon My Welsh (it's not my first language) - SoundCloud Listen to Pardon My Welsh (it's not my first language) by WelshWhisperer on

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