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First underwater shots by my girlfriend!

Finally my cam hausing has arrived and it's rather decent! We took a shallow beach dive to test it out. Still learning, especially about photo cleanup in #darktable 😬
#canong7xiii #photo #uwphoto

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Awesome walk on the Welsh coastal path today, from Abereiddy to Porthgain. It's been an awesome few days away, I can't believe how lucky we've been with the weather. The boat to Skomer didn't run today because of high winds so we were so lucky we went yesterday 😊
Check out 5.15mi Walk on Relive!

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"Two men who were being detained in an immigration van which was surrounded by protesters have been released.

The move followed a standoff between police officers and protesters in Kenmure Street on Glasgow's southside.

Early on Thursday people surrounded the Home Office vehicle believed to contain two immigrants who had been removed from a flat.

Hundreds gathered in the area, with one man crawling under the van to prevent it form moving.

Some of the protesters were heard shouting "let our neighbours go"."

YOOO. this is anti racism in action. fighting the fascist internal border guards who drag people away in vans to take them to camps. and they won. the men have been let go because people banned together to fight back against this fascism

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One big part of email security is to spot phishing attempts easily. Tutanota has several layers of protection against phishing emails. Check our guide to make sure you never fall for a phishing attempt:

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Claim: The world has appreciated our handling of the pandemic.

Truth: Nobody has. The general consensus, summed up Dr. Anthony Fauci, is that we let our guard down, became smug and let the Second Wave kill off so many of our people.

We screwed up because our vaccine program is in the hands of pompous, incompetent idiots and the government put politics and image-building over the lives of Indians.

And so, people died.

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Not all Jews are Israelis, not all Israelis are Jews, the Israeli state is a brutal apartheid state and the west bank is a ghetto separated from Israel by a militarized wall on the basis of the religion practiced on either side of this wall. The Israeli state is controlled by extreme religious zealots that are committing genocide against the Palestinian people. The people that inhabit Israel are not their government anymore that we in the US are ours, but many are in favor of this genocide.

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I think we on the left could use a lot more friendly, approachable media. While I love me some good aggressive graphic design, right now, I think the right is consistently winning the propaganda game in part because they wrap their ideas with really easy-to-swallow tone and appeals to common sense. We can do that too, in pursuit of a more compassionate, humane, and just world.

So I made a couple images for my local chapter of the IWW that I'm pretty proud of.

I have SVG versions of these if people want to play with them. I'm happy for these to be spread widely; please download them, share them, modify them, whatever. Information wants to be free!
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Astroturfing Apartheid
In Wake of HRW Apartheid Report, Israeli Propagandists Launch Global PR Offensive

Much of the online anger at the Human Rights Watch report was actually manufactured by an Israeli government-sponsored app, Act.IL, which organized supporters of the Jewish state to act in sync to create an artificial groundswell of opposition to it.

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If you're near Jordan and being bombed right now, what's happening is terrible. I hope you and your families find shelter and safety.

This awesome sand sculpture was shared by Hayley T on Twitter.
Stunningly appropriate!

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