Since I took this picture three years ago, I'm more and more convinced that I'll never take a better one.


Absolutely stunning, there is such an ethereal quality to this, grounded by the shadow of the hummingbird (my favourite thing about California)

Where abouts was this taken from? You have inspired me to pop over the Golden Gate for a sunrise this weekend.

@aur_plygu We live in Sausalito, on the hill above the Bay Model. So this is literally two steps from our breakfast table. I love that we can see the sunrise every day. :)



I am envious, but, also extremely happy for you.

We're moving down to SD in Sept and ocean views are one of the top priorities for us (compromise is walkable beach/cliff ocean view), and this just solidifies it, even if ours would be sunsets.

@aur_plygu Yes, having a view is great. Before we were in a place just a few hundred meters from here down on the flat part of town, and only noontime sunlight. Such a huge difference!

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