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How do you get two whales in a car? 

Along the M4 and across the Severn Bridge.

ok more than a little amused that this posted in welsh 😁

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Re last boost about the Welsh for ladybird, it's true!

buwch goch gota/cow red little

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how to explain to the english that the welsh for ladybird is little red cow

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So I signed up to duolingo just 3 days ago but I have thrown myself into learning Welsh in a big way 😁

I have:

:draig: signed up here on and set the interface language to Welsh
:draig: joined a languages discord server that has a Welsh learning channel
:draig: subscribed to a youtuber who vlogs in Welsh
:draig: Poked around the S4C site and signed up so I can watch Welsh shows
:draig: Bought a bilingual diary
:draig: said bore da/nos da to random people online
:draig: Draig dw i!

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@blaidd For he/him it's just "fe". For she/her, "hi". It's not so obvious what you're saying without the slash I suppose, but quotes will probably do it.

This is probably too advanced a question for me as I literally just started learning but I want to put my pronouns in my profile and have no idea what they would be in Welsh!

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