@Martin_J The rediculous thing is, it's only a couple of acres... but still starting to look like a wood now!

@jaz *nods*... are federated feeds cached/flushable? 2 gigs sounds conservative... my Friendica install got that big with just me using it casually for a year!

@jaz Just wondering how Mastadon is on diskspace... I ran a personal Friendica pod years ago, and it pretty soon filled up my hard disk with all the federated feeds!

@Joe You'd be surprised. There's one more user in me, and I'll be creating a business account later!

@jaz Great, I shall set that up later. I'm excited that this is a local pod. The geek in me also has some questions about the resources it takes to run this instance, etc but don't want to bother you with the geeking out!

@jaz is it acceptable to have a separate account for my business?

@jaz Diolch/cheers! If Mastadon was written in PHP I'd just have a go at running it myself, but never got into the whole RoR/Redis stuff...

So, Mastadon. Interested to try this out... thought it would be better to try to join a host rather than self-host to learn how it works :D

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