I'm delighted that the Institute of Welsh Affairs has published my piece about social networks which respect the user and don't view them as the product 🎊🥳😎

If you care about civil society, media, democracy and governance in , please become a member of the IWA - it's an important piece of our institutional fabric

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@davidoclubb I joined about 2 weeks ago. They took my money and I haven't heard a word from them since. Not even a welcome email. Beginning to wonder what I joined.

@gomez @davidoclubb how much was it? It may be they do all that type of “admin work” every few weeks.....?

It's only £45 for a year. Crazy thing is I get their newsletter every few days on an old email account that isn't a member and nothing on the one that is.

@gomez @TheBeastOfBaglan The IWA is keen to ensure they've got your details correct - with my apologies (I'm on the board) would you be able to drop them a line on

@davidoclubb Thanks. They are going to re-send the printed material and hopefully stick me on the right mailing list.

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