I very rarely post on the birdsite, but I thought my recent blog article on the dangers of surveillance capitalism was worth highlighting there.

With +3k folllowers, the only like and retweet I got was from .... myself...?

It's almost like the birdsite algorithms filter out information seeking to influence people away from the birdsite 😂

Excellent article. Sometimes I wish we could wipe away all the data and start again on a platform of wisdom. Sadly, that's probably impossible now that everything about our lives is already out there, with unscrupulous people happy to use it for their own hideous agenda's. Lies and misinformed included. 😭

@davidoclubb hey there, we've encountered a similar issue with @VictorVenema when we tried to advertise a new scientific instance on Masto.
See discussion here:

I'm trying to prepare a small case to warn the French department on informatics and freedom.

Would it be possible for you to bundle a table with data about your posts over the last month (or three months)?
Just three columns : the date of the post, the number of boosts, the number of likes, nothing more.

@davidoclubb @VictorVenema OK, I saw that you actually made many posts about Fediverse, so maybe a forth column marking whether the post is about the Fediverse or not?

@davidoclubb @VictorVenema actually I spent a bit of time checking your profile and I'm not 100% sure there's any significant correlation... sure most of your posts on the Fediverse receive low support but it is also true for some other topics that you posted about. My guess is it's just that your followers do not really react when it's not about Welsh or socio-environmental issues...
To really check whether there is a correlation would therefore require significant work to do it properly :(

@tfardet @davidoclubb And it is boreal summer holidays. I have reduced the number of daily posts on the @OpenScienceFeed to still get enough eye balls and interaction per posts.

I will try another #FediScience promotional campaign when the holidays are over.

@tfardet @VictorVenema hi, and sorry for the delayed response- I'm on holiday at the moment. I'll provide you with a proper polite response then!

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