I very rarely post on the birdsite, but I thought my recent blog article on the dangers of surveillance capitalism was worth highlighting there.

With +3k folllowers, the only like and retweet I got was from .... myself...?

It's almost like the birdsite algorithms filter out information seeking to influence people away from the birdsite 😂

@davidoclubb hey there, we've encountered a similar issue with @VictorVenema when we tried to advertise a new scientific instance on Masto.
See discussion here: fediscience.org/@tfardet/10459

I'm trying to prepare a small case to warn the French department on informatics and freedom.

Would it be possible for you to bundle a table with data about your posts over the last month (or three months)?
Just three columns : the date of the post, the number of boosts, the number of likes, nothing more.


@tfardet @VictorVenema hi, and sorry for the delayed response- I'm on holiday at the moment. I'll provide you with a proper polite response then!

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